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Join Your Favorite Loyalty Rewards Programs On One App

Simplifying loyalty programs....

Easily collect points from your favorite businesses by checking-in on tablets or our mobile app

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Join Nearby Reward Programs On Our App

Getpoints Loyalty Program Benefits

  • Keep all your loyalty memberships on one app
  • Easily view all your rewards

  • How Do I Earn Rewards?

  • Simply check-in through the tablet at the business
  • Or check-in through our mobile app
  • When you have enough check-in's you can redeem the rewards on the tablet or on our app
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Businesses Use Either Our Tablet Based Or Mobile App Based Loyalty Program

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Our Branded Tablet Loyalty Programs

How Do I Get Started?

  • Download our app so it's easy to check-n when you are at the merchants business using your unique QR code on our app
  • Sign up here or at the merchant's tablet
  • You can view all your loyalty points earned and how many more you need to start getting rewards on our app or by simply log into your account
Getting Started
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How Can I Track Each Visit?

  • Download our app so it is easy to Check-in when you are at the merchants business using a unique QR code on our app.

  • Or you can simply check-in using your email or mobile phone number
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How Can I Redeem My Rewards?

  • With our easy to use tablet you can view how many points you have from the merchant and decide when you want to redeem your points to claim the rewards
  • The more points you accumulate the better the reward
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How Does The Merchant Know?

  • When you're ready to claim your reward, confirm that you made the correct choice, notify the merchant and enjoy your reward immediately
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Our Mobile App Loyalty Program.

How Can I Check-In Using My Phone?

  • Some merchants don't use our tablets so all you need to do is scan the merchant"s displayed QR code using our app's scanner after you order or make a purchase
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How Can I Track that My Visit Was Counted?

  • Either go to your app and view My History or login online at anytime and view your account
Tracking points
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